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One of India’s leading leather goods exporters, working with globally renowned brands for over 25 years

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With timelessness and care as our core values, we view quality as non-negotiable and let it inform our decisions on everything from design to the curation of materials. Every collection we create is designed to last and bolster the trust that brands have built with their customers. Click to view a sneak peek into our manufacturing process.

Mark Nicholes
CEO & Founder
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D2 International

D2 International is an export house of international repute based in Kolkata, engaged in the manufacture and export of high fashion leather bags and accessories, both for men and women. Since our establishment in 1994, we have deeply embedded the principles of excellence and kaizen to provide high quality products at a reasonable cost to our customers.

Given our focus on quality, we are proudly affiliated as a technical associate of BLC Leather Technology Centre, U.K. The partnership has helped us to keep a strict vigil on our quality parameters and has kept them at par with international standards. As a result of our work on quality and on–time delivery, we have been able to serve the world’s leading retailers for over 25 years.

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At D2 International, we understand the importance of providing a safe and healthy work environment to our employees.

In light of this fact, we work strongly with third party agencies such as SEDEX and BSCI to not only audit our factories regularly, but also help us better our working conditions. To bring further transparency to our operations, we also choose to work with LWG certified tanneries.

In doing so, we ensure that our core values of excellence, integrity and contribution are upheld, and that we are able to impact society in a positive way.

Working with some of the most well renowned brands in the world for over 25 years