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D2 International

D2 International is an export house of international repute based in Kolkata, engaged in the manufacture and export of high fashion leather bags and accessories, both for men and women. Since our establishment in 1994, we have deeply embedded the principles of excellence and kaizen to provide high quality products at a reasonable cost to our customers.

Given our focus on quality, we are proudly affiliated as a technical associate of BLC Leather Technology Centre, U.K. The partnership has helped us to keep a strict vigil on our quality parameters and has kept them at par with international standards. As a result of our work on quality and on–time delivery, we have been able to serve the world’s leading retailers for over 25 years.

Even today, the tag “Made in India” is looked down upon on a global level. Over the years, through our craftsmanship and strict attention to detail, we aim to change this narrative.

To help uphold the trust and relationship that brands have built with their customers over the years, and overdeliver every step of the way.

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For more than 25 years, our factories and artisans crafted leather goods for some of the most well renowned luxury brands, which go on to be stocked at stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods and Galeries Lafayette.

A majority of our clientele have been our partners for more than a decade, which gives us further confidence in our craftsmanship and quality standards.


For a brand to become truly global and scale up, we understand the need for capacity and infrastructure. Our factories house 150,000 square feet of production space, which is capable of producing 60,000 handbags and 75,000 SLGs per month. This helps serve our partners’ requirements to buy in volume and grow their core lines.

Coupled with the latest Italian and German machinery, our team of skilled craftsmen and technicians practices the principles of lean manufacturing to ensure a quality product. Further, we are regularly upgrading our facility with technology such as an in–house ERP system, which not only helps us to increase our productivity but also ensures on–time delivery.



We are aware of the importance that brands place on transparency in its supply chain and its value proposition to the customers. As a result, we regularly work with organizations such as SMETA and Intertek to ensure ethical treatment of workers and transparency in our daily operations. Our team of technicians sources a majority of leathers from Leather Working Group certified tanneries and examines them using the rigorous BLC Leather Technology standards. This ensures that the materials aren’t just of high quality, but also that the leather used is from animals that weren’t raised for their hides.

Further, a majority of the packaging used is also ethically sourced and FSC certified. Lastly, for our skilled craftsmen to be able to do what they do best, we keep a close check on our working conditions. As a result, our state-of-the-art factories are Sedex certified, which ensures our leather goods not only spread joy to our partners, but also to the craftsmen making them.

Supply Chain Diversification

Over the past few years, events such as the coronavirus, coupled with the rise in duties, tariffs, labour and freight costs, has shown the importance of having a diversified supply chain. In light of this, we have helped transition the supply chain to India for a few partners recently, given our competitive labour rates, infrastructure and experience. This has served to build a robust supply chain for our partners, with increased reactivity and reduced lead times.

Working with some of the most well renowned brands in the world for over 25 years